March 13, 2006

Cat Blogging

So I'm convinced that most food bloggers out there must also be cat lovers because lately I've been noticing pictures of kitties creeping up between posts on spaghetti and homemade yogurt. It's only natural to want some company in the kitchen, I guess. Evidently there's "weekend cat blogging" posts over at or according to some, Friday is designated as cat blogging day. I followed a link the other day to a quiz entitled, "what kind of cat are you?" which cracked me up. I'm a Sweety Cat, by the way. As if you couldn't have guessed.

Let me tell you, I love cats and I have a crazy one of my own, but with all the enthusiasm I've seen in the food blogging world, I can only imagine the zest with which people must blog about their pets. Maybe the people who write their christmas letters from the perspective of their pets are having Spike and M. Reginald Fuzzy Paws, esq. III write novels out there in the blogosphere. I'm sure that Miss Paws is having a hard time at work what with the new boss, who's young enough to be your offspring, spreading rumors that you're not pulling your weight around the office and who does he think he is anyway?...but do we really need to go there?

Who knows, maybe if I had a little Mister Whiskers prancing so delicately around my pie crust I would snap a picture of it, too. For now, consider yourselves lucky. I'm getting my kitty fix over at

1 comment:

Emily said...

I'm a tom cat. Beware...mmmeeeooww.