March 9, 2006

The Armchair Cook

I found this hilarious blog called the Armchair Cook that's all about the Food Network chefs. Check it out if you want a good laugh or a little gossipy indulgence. Some sample posts are titled: Breaking Bobby Flay (where one can find a link to my favorite article title ever: The Staggering Dicketry of Bobby Flay), Paula Deen Hates Your Arteries, Giadada de Laurentiiiiis big head watch, various musings about Sandra Lee's alcoholism, and keeping a constant check on how wacky Rachael Ray is at any given moment. On a personal note, Oprah's on notice. One, for promoting RayRay into the ground and producing her talk show and Two, for all those times Kenny G has performed. Anyway, check out the blog, it's the funniest stuff I've read in awhile.

My favorite post was the Twelve Days of Christmas complete with pictures. "12 Giadas Grinning, 11 Saras Sniping, 10 sticks of butter...5 Rach-ael Rays! Ends with 1 hungover Sandra Lee..."

I also found a link to this quiz: Which food network chef are you? I'm Tyler...not bad, I guess.

Reading this blog was so refreshing because I am one (of many, apparently) that has seen the downward spiral of the Food Network and are saddened by it. They are lacking new, fresh ideas and hosts and it has been too long since anyone inspiring has come on. I would love to see more authentic ethnic cooking shows among other things. I hope they can come up with some good ideas fast because I don't know how many more episodes of Unwrapped (I always wondered how they made Ruffles! First, they sort the barely edible potatoes from the completely inedible ones...) or the obnoxious $40 a day (wow, looking at a local tourism guide IS a good place to find restaurants!) I can take.


Armchair Cook said...

Hey, thanks for the mention! I totally agree with the superfluousness of shows like Unwrapped and $40 a Day/Tasty Travels/Food Nation with Bobby Flay/Good Deal with Dave Lieberman.

The photo of your Crostini recipe just made my mouth water. Is 8:00am too early for bread and cheese cravings?

Oob said...

Hey! I'm Alton Brown!