December 21, 2005

About Chez Mégane

Welcome to my blog.

I’m 26, I live in Paris with my husband, and I'm teaching English in the primary schools here. I prefer my job title to be Specialist in the Good Life. Living in Paris has definitely influenced how I cook, eat, and think about food, among other things. I was interested in cooking before moving here and found it exciting to try all sorts of new dishes every week. It was so exciting to experiment and have dinner parties! I quickly became addicted to cooking and entertaining.

Though my pace has slowed a bit, I'm living the good life here in Paris and I feel really lucky to be able to find such great produce, cheeses, meats, and everything else under the sun here. I love how the French can prepare simple food in such a completely perfect way. I guess this is what I strive for. I love thinking about cooking, searching for recipes, making loved ones happy by cooking for them; I love it all!

Why is my blog called Chez Mégane? Well, that is how everyone says my name the Renault.

My relationship with food hasn’t always been so strong. I remember the days of grade school lunches, which consisted mostly of turkey sandwiches made only of turkey and bread. And coke. I drank so much Coca-Cola from the ages 13-22, I’m surprised I have any teeth left. (I assure you, I do have a nice full set.)

Okay, instead of doing a belly-flop back in time, I prefer to concentrate on my current and future relationship with food. The way we cook, eat and think about food directly reflects who we are. Most times, I make stuff up as I go. I am someone who spends all day looking at recipes, can’t commit to one, combines 3 of them and doesn’t measure. Somehow it works out. The fun for me is getting the ideas and then using what I have. I think I’ve adopted this style from living in Paris and having a tiny kitchen. Our current apartment has a decent kitchen, but it was already furnished and isn’t exactly outfitted the way I would have everything if it were my own. So, I look forward with immense joy to the days when I can make that recipe requiring the mandolin, blender, and food processor. Until then, I’ll make due with my wooden spoon, knife and whisk.

Here are a few more things you should know:

  1. I was nervous to start a blog because I’m a person who definitely goes through “phases” (i.e. “obsessions”) with food. There was one time during grad school when I was really depressed and I made Macaroni & Cheese everyday until I finally had the perfect recipe. I don’t recommend this…it isn’t good for your mental health and it isn’t good for your waistline.
  1. I’m not an adventurous cook, at least in reality. Perhaps we each have in mind the cook we want to be. For me, it is the Provencal kitchen fully stocked with fresh herbs, shiny vegetables, glissening olives, and me standing next to the stone hearth preparing my healthy, vibrant cuisine. Oh well, I’m from the Mid-West. I didn’t know herbs came in a pre-dried form until I started watching Food Network. More tuna casserole, anyone?
  1. I may joke about the homey dishes I grew up with, but really they have shaped who I am and what kind of foods I love. I’m much more inclined to make chicken pot pie than ceviche.
  1. I have a lot of respect for well-prepared food. I buy fresh ingredients, I stay away from most processed foods, and I try to search out the best recipes I can for my favorite foods. Plus, my husband knows his wine, so we make a good team.
5. Nothing compares to cooking for the ones we love.


Laura said...

I just love your blog., and the sincerity of your words are truly captivating.
I'm currently living in Germany and I'm planning on visiting Paris in September. Could you please let me know if Le Creuset is cheaper to buy in France than in the states.

Megan said...

Laura - Thank you so much for saying that! You made my day! I would say Le Creuset is definitely cheaper here. It's still expensive cookware, but I bought my round blue dutch oven (5 1/2 quart?) for 86 Euro (that color was on sale) which is just $108. I just looked on and it's priced at $180! Go to BHV in Paris on rue Rivoli right across from the Hotel de Ville. Closed Sun.(Metro: Hotel de Ville) They have a large selection. Good Luck and Thanks again for reading!

Laura said...

Thank's!...I know what you mean, the wusthof is sooo much cheaper here than in the states too.
We are stationed here for another three years, and I'm planning on puchasing as much as I can. Thank You.

bcinfrance said...

Hey Megan, it's probably weird to get a comment on your first post. But guess what -- we started our cooking blogs just two days apart! I thought that was interesting. I'm almost to my 100th post, so we've been going at the same rate too..