June 30, 2006

Ice Cream Sandwiches

So the thing about ice cream sandwiches is...
They're messy and therefore a bit irksome.

I feel as though I should put my hair in pigtails before I eat one.

They taste so very good! It is difficult to get enough ice cream in there to have a good ice cream to cookie ratio. Everytime I make them at home, there's way too much cookie. Plus, if I pack more ice cream on there, I can't physically fit it in my mouth. Do you see the conundrum?

Because of the ratio being off, I always think how preferable an open-face ice cream sandwich would be. An upside-down, open-face ice cream sandwich. But that's basically a sundae.

You can't just use any cookie. It has to be one that is edible despite being partially frozen.

My conclusions...
Bake thin cookies. When cooled, load on the ice cream and eat immediately. Yum! My chocolate brownie cookies were superb for ice cream sandwiches!

This is also my little addition to Sam's Ice Cream Event over at Sweet Pleasure. Go check out all the fabulous ice cream recipes and sandwich them between two cookies!

"This is just a bit of silliness, really." ~Finding Neverland


Ivonne said...


These are gorgeous! You should enter them in the ice cream event that Sam of Sweet Pleasure is hosting.

You can send him an e-mail. His blog is at http://sweetpleasure.blogspot.com/.

Tanna said...

Yes, gorgeous! I've done it once for my mom and they are so good and pure silliness!!!

sam said...

Hi Megan,

Ice cream sandwiches are always good in my book. They are fun to make and eat. Yours look fantastic! Thanks for sharing and for partcipating in the ice cream event.

Jason Truesdell said...

You can also put the ice cream on a smallish baking sheet in ring molds, then freeze until it's solid again... then you can get away with a little bit less messy preparation, and the cookies don't necessarily have to be frozen.

jenjen said...

these look to die for! ice cream sandwiches have to be at the top of my list of favourite things to eat.

Megan said...

Jason - Thanks for stopping by my blog! That's a great idea to use ring molds!