May 2, 2006

Fondue Addendum

Last week Paul and I visited Le Refuge des Fondus again, and had the equally delicious and chaotic experience that's standard for that crazy place. Anyway, this time, in addition to just rubbing elbows with our neighbors, we got to know them a little bit. I was sitting next to this guy from Savoy and he was pretty enthusiastic about his Fondue, obviously. As we were getting to the end of our pot of cheesy goodness, he asked if we had ever properly finished a fondue. I knew what he meant...I'd heard there's something about cracking an egg into the pot to sort of stretch the fondue a bit farther. We were so full, but I said we'd love to try it. So, he got the waiter to bring us an egg and a shot of liquor, which I'm sure was Amaretto.

Before going on, I just want to urge you to make cheese fondue just so you can experience this. I can still taste it. It was unbelieveable.

So, this guy starts by stirring in about 8 of the bread cubes into our remaining cheese fondue, cracks the egg into it while stirring, and finally adds the Amaretto. He keeps stirring until it has come together a bit and coated the bread. Take a bite of one of these luscious pieces of soaked bread and oh my, does this wake up your mouth! Like a sweet, eggy Amaretto fireball crossed with french toast. Just wanted to pass on the love, my friends. Do try it with this!

Also, at another amazing Italian restaurant this week, where I had the best pizza in Paris, we were given a free shot of Amaretto as we paid the bill. (One of my top 10 reasons that Europe kicks ass: free alcohol gifts.) I LOVE this place and now thoughts of Amaretto are running through my mind. I'm off to look for more things to do with this divine nectar.

Le Refuge des Fondus
17, rue des Trois Frères
75018 Paris (M: Abbesses/Anvers)

La Paninoteca
61, rue des Martyrs
75009 Paris (M: Pigalle)

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